So, I’ve always had a fascination with the idea of a bucket list. Although I took a lot of inspiration from others, I would sometimes see others and think ‘wow that’s on my bucket list too” even though I had never actually written the list out.

One day eating Pierogi of all things (a Polish delicacy), I started my bucket list and slowly it began to grow. I think my bucket list has really forced me to try new things and see new places and I would recommend it to everyone. It’s amazing to look back on and plan new adventures.

Now, without further ado, here is my bucket list.

The Bucket List


Go on a cruise

Travel to Switzerland

Travel to Germany

Go to Berlin

Travel to Dubai

Travel to Greece

Visit the Greek Isles

Travel to the Czech Republic

Go to Prague

Visit someplace in the Caribbean

Travel to Italy

Go on a gondola ride

Eat Italian Ice cream

Travel to the Netherlands

Go to Amsterdam

Travel to Ireland

Go to Dublin

Travel to London (again)

Go on the London Eye

Ride in a double decker bus

See the crown jewels

Visit Parliament

Fly in a helicopter above London

Go to the Shard

Travel to France

Eat French bread

Kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower

Add a lock to one of the love bridges

Go to Austria

Go to Poland

Go to Canada

Travel to Toronto

Travel to Africa

Go on a safari

Travel to Cuba

Take a road trip across the United States

Visit Hawaii

See Niagara Falls

Visit every continent

Volunteer abroad

Visit New Orleans

Go to Las Vegas

Travel solo

Drive to Europe


Make a blog that helps people

Read about digital marketing

Get 3,000-page views in 1 day

Get 5,000-page views in 1 day

Get 1,000-page views in 1 day

Get 500-page views in 1 day

Attend a blog conference

Meet a blogging friend in real life

Blog consistently for 1 year

Blog consistently for 6 months

Post once per day for a whole month


Keep track of my budget

Be entirely self sufficient

Invest in some stocks

Donate to a charity I truly care about


Graduate from De Montfort University

Graduate with at least a 2:1

Go on a DMUGLOBAL trip

Achieve a TEFL qualification

Love my job

Open my own business


Be a bridesmaid

Be a maid of honor

Buy a house

Buy a car

Say “yes” to a proposal (get engaged)

Have a picnic in a park

Make a scrapbook of my travel trip photos

Buy a lottery ticket for myself (and win something)

Get drunk on my 21st birthday

Have my parents buy my first legal drink

Write a letter to my future self

Write poems

Register to vote

Vote in an election

Be a guest at a wedding

Send out Christmas cards

Have a better makeup routine/learn more about makeup

Own a Polaroid camera

Own a Canon camera

Be in two places at once

Fly first class


Take a writing class

Take a photography class

Knit something (a scarf or hat, maybe?)

Paint something beautiful

Learn how to French braid on myself

Take on an eating challenge (Sarah VS Food)

Try as many different cuisines from around the world as I can

Write a song


Look at the stars in a car full of blankets


Stay in a log cabin with a hot tub

Ride a horse

Road trip

Go on holiday with my dad

Go on a holiday with friends

Dance the Swish Swish

Dance the conga and the salsa!

Be an audience member of a TV show

Drive a jet ski

See Drake in concert

See Beyoncé in concert

Skydive for charity


Try yoga

Go to a spin class

Run/walk a 5K

Go to the gym consistently for a year (cardio and weights)

Drink more water! At least 8 glasses/day consistently



Get professional pictures taken

Surprise gifts

Spontaneous holidays and adventures

Buy the tickets and popcorn at the cinema

Live in a different country

Dance together

Go to Disneyland together

So, there you have it! For now, at least! I will be updating this post as much as I can, to add or cross items from my list. I’ll add some photos along the way on my Instagram for you to check out!

Do you have a bucket list? What are some of the things that you have included on it?

I’d love to hear!

Much love! xx

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