Sexual Health Matters For Students

Being a student is an exciting time with young people growing into adults and trying many new experiences. This is an important time with respect to education and learning, but this is also an important stage in developing relationships, interacting with others and taking care of your body and emotions. It is natural for many … Continue Reading

Blood Pressure: Hypertension (High BP)

Your heart is making blood flow through your arteries and into your organs and muscles. Your blood pressure is the blood pressure in these arteries. It is recorded as two figures, the upper part is the systolic, and the lower is diastolic. High blood pressure, hypertension, is when there is too much pressure because the … Continue Reading

Anxiety: Intolerance of Uncertainty…

When talking about anxiety, it is essential to understand that anxiety can come in many forms that can result in depression symptoms, panic attacks, OCD, … Continue Reading