Mental Health Affecting Relationships

While there are many definitions of a relationship, it would be fair to say a lot of people will stress the importance of dealing with the good and the bad that comes along. It is easy to be in a relationship when everything is going well in a relationship, the true test of a relationship … Continue Reading

Gaslighting In Relationships

To me, gaslighting sounds like it should refer to an early way of lighting streetlamps. Don’t you think?! But it’s really something very different! Gaslighting is the disturbing act of manipulation. Manipulation used to gain power over others. It can be used almost imperceptibly – to great effect and advantage to the manipulator but to … Continue Reading

Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life: Sex Expectations

Sex Expectations. Sounds like it should be a novel by Charles Dickens eh?! However no 1860 novels here. Nope … in this blog post, I am exploring sex. Literally. I’ve found myself fascinated with the whole shebang recently; from sexual pleasure and new partners to masturbation and experimentation. I think sometimes we can be a … Continue Reading