Brexit: What are the potential impacts on the NHS?

This is my first post which mentions the B word … and what a subject Brexit is!  The topic has dominated discussions in the UK since the 48/52 vote split back in 2016. There has been much talk both pre and post the vote surrounding how the UK would be impacted by Brexit.  Now Brexit … Continue Reading

NHS : Understanding The Principle Of National Health Service

The National Health Service (NHS) was setup by the government to provide healthcare for all residents of the UK and is funded by public taxes provided and run by a country’s government. The system grants free health care access to every citizen of the country. The exact healthcare services offered to citizens from free may … Continue Reading

What are the most important reforms we need to make in healthcare?

The NHS. Our treasured and beloved national health service. It’s one of those institutions to be truly proud of. Launched in 1948, the NHS was established to provide good healthcare to every single person in the United Kingdom. This famous health service has just celebrated its 70th birthday. But concerns are persistently raised about the … Continue Reading

Smear Tests: Ensuring Good Health

OK, this post covers serious stuff. Smear tests!! Ladies – if you’re overdue on your smear, I’m going to get a tad stroppy with you (only a little bit cos I love you all really!!). It’s just it’s SUCH an important topic. Yes, we all know that smear tests aren’t the most dazzling of experiences … Continue Reading