Veganism: Do Vegans Get A Raw Deal?

What is Veganism? Veganism relates to diets that limit or exclude meat, dairy products, and eggs. Identifying as vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based was often viewed as weird or extreme — more the domain of hippies and activists than of large numbers of everyday people, however, the rate of acceptance and popularity has risen in the … Continue Reading

Acne Solution

Yep. The title of this blog post is just ‘Acne Solution!’. Not some snazzy title or a clever play-on-words. Because whatever you do, you just can’t glamorise it. Acne. It’s unsightly. It’s upsetting. It’s disheartening. Yet it affects between 80% and 90% of teenagers. Let’s know a bit about acne and acne solution. So what … Continue Reading

Six Essential Tips to Help You Stop Binge Eating

We’ve all done it. We’ve gorged on an entire tub of ice cream. That Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food is sooooo good!! We’ve tucked into an entire pack of biscuits rather than taking just one or two. We’ve worked our way through a complete sharing pack of crisps (yes those ones meant for four people) … Continue Reading