Body Image And Eating Disorders

Most of us have seen, at one time or another in our lives, that someone who says “do I look too fat in this or does my makeup cover my imperfections”, whatever they or you ask yourself, we don’t see it. The reality is that it is the mark of severe mental dysfunction that affects … Continue Reading

When to worry about lumps and bumps found on your body

You’ve found a lump. After just a moment with Dr Google, you have self-diagnosed yourself with the worst stage cancer in existence. We’ve all been there. With all of life’s opportunities and fun to be had out there, none of us want our lives to be cut short. So we end up panicking more than … Continue Reading

Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life: Sex Expectations

Sex Expectations. Sounds like it should be a novel by Charles Dickens eh?! However no 1860 novels here. Nope … in this blog post, I am exploring sex. Literally. I’ve found myself fascinated with the whole shebang recently; from sexual pleasure and new partners to masturbation and experimentation. I think sometimes we can be a … Continue Reading

Wear Awareness Ribbons, Support PCOS

There are many awareness ribbons in circulation in the world today. Numerous groups choose various colours and shades of the rainbow to represent support and awareness for their particular causes. There are some pretty cool, patterned ribbons out there too for using as awareness ribbons. You’ll find that colours may refer to more than one … Continue Reading

How to Motivate Yourself to Reach Your Goals

Self-motivation [self-moh-tuh-vey-shuh n] noun Initiative to undertake or continue a task or activity without another’s prodding or supervision Sounds easy, right?  Maybe!  However it can be trickier than it sounds. Why self-motivate anyway?  Of course, you can choose not to but, in time, guilt and bad feelings can set in and you may end up … Continue Reading