Marina Lambrini Diamandis is pretty much one of my all-time music idols. Born in Wales, she started finding her talent at school when one of her teachers persuaded her that she was capable of anything. We do need more teachers like this!

Marina ended up teaching herself to play the piano and over the coming years made a music career for herself. She has since been nominated for, and won, many awards and has really made a name for herself in the music industry.

And she isn’t a woman who holds back. Her songs are very powerful. You can sing along happily to her appealing tunes, but if you dig deep into the meanings behind them, you learn that Marina is much more than a talented musician. She’s a maker of music, a poet, an activist, and an outspoken individual eloquently rolled into one unique character.

Savages is one of my favourite songs ever. Yep, it’s a catchy tune for starters, but it’s also so much more than that.

Marina truly is a genius with both words and with song lyrics, and this has to be, in my opinion, her best effort yet.

I was interested to learn that she wrote the song whilst she was in London when working on one of her albums. She would have the news on TV frequently in the background and became more and more sickened each day with the amount of violence and chaotic disorder broadcast from around the world. This inspired her to write the track.

And in that track, one line is frequently repeated – “I’m not afraid of God, I am afraid of man”. Big gulp. She’s hit the nail on the head though. Humanity is capable of so much – of both good and bad. It’s not the God who we can’t see – or may not even exist (depending on your viewpoint) – it’s the here and now. It’s the people in this world right now who she sings about in the song.

In Savages, she mentions both sides of humanity. The kindness and then the evil that seems to prevail; the fact that so many people are just out for themselves. They hide behind this façade or that guise but underneath it all, they often only care about themselves and will do anything to get what they want. And often getting what they want comes as a result of various crimes; murder and rape being just two that she sings about. And it’s sad; very sad.

People are fighting. Fighting to be heard. Fighting to be protected. Fighting to survive. Fighting for religion. Fighting for loved ones. Fighting for truth. Fighting for change. Fighting for a reputation. Fighting for freedom. When people are fighting for so much, they behave like savages; letting nothing get in their way. This is where Marina’s title of the song literally sums everything up. Savages. In a way, it’s all we are. Like wild animals fighting to survive in the world. Survival of the fittest. Yes, we are human beings, but we are closer to our wild animal counterparts than we realise.

Well done Marina; you got it right … again!

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