A couple of years ago, you may have seen a certain hashtag trending on social media. #MeToo I had spotted the phrase being used by all sorts of people; friends, colleagues, celebrities and strangers.  Did you know what it was all about?  If not, I’m about to reveal all. The movement originated from women who … Continue Reading

My entirely (or should I say en-Thai-ely) amazing adventure

There aren’t many posts I write where I don’t quite know where to start, but the excitement has sent my head all over the place – in a good way! I have just come to the end of *the* most amazing six-week adventure! I guess I’d better start from the beginning so that you can … Continue Reading


Marina Lambrini Diamandis is pretty much one of my all-time music idols. Born in Wales, she started finding her talent at school when one of her teachers persuaded her that she was capable of anything. We do need more teachers like this! Marina ended up teaching herself to play the piano and over the coming years made … Continue Reading

Travelling the World Without My Boyfriend

I am currently in Thailand, teaching English. I travel quite a lot but mostly without my boyfriend.  I feel it’s about time to address the elephant in the room   So far, quite a few people, friends and family have vocalised this question, but I know that others may be wondering,   “So you’re travelling … Continue Reading

Things to Do When You Feel Angry with Someone

We all have both good days and bad. Sometimes we are faced with challenges in our lives that make us angry. Everyone has been in that situation where someone has really ticked you off.  Actually, as I write this… I feel angry. Anger can come from anything or anyone and its completely normal, however, there … Continue Reading