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A NATURAL approach to Prostate health … we all know that men can start to suffer with prostate issues later in life. However did you know there are some natural remedies out there which may prevent issues occurring in the first place?
It’s not a guarantee and I’m not a doctor (though a health student isn’t far off ;)) but where there’s a natural remedy, I always like to think these things are worth a try! And some of these cunning little ideas really do have some medical research to back them up! There are quite a lot of ideas out there to help but these are just a handful of the ones I thought were the best:

Active hexose correlated compound
Yep – ok that is a mouthful so let’s call it AHCC for short from now on! AHCC is a food substance derived from shiitake mushrooms. Some prostate cancer patients have shown remarkable progress when taking this supplement which could indicate its rather amazing capabilities!

Chilli peppers
Yum!! Who doesn’t love a bit of spice in their food now and again? Chilli peppers contain a source of capsaicin. Not only are they hot and spicy but they have been shown to have cancer-killing properties. So don’t feel too guilty next time you’re heading for that spicy curry! Capsaicin supplements are also available to purchase.

Cruciferous vegetables
OK, yes, I hadn’t heard of the word ‘cruciferous’ before either! However there is a family of vegetables taking this name due to the shape of their leaves (four-petalled and broadly resembling a cross). These vegetables include cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts – basically your leafy greens. They contain chemicals which inhibits one of the enzymes associated with prostate cancer.

There are a lot of health benefits associated with turmeric. One of these is an element of turmeric which is key in terminating bad cancer cells.

Ginger is also widely used as a spice and in medicine. It has been reported that ginger has been shown to limit cancer cell growth.

Green tea
Green tea is another product which has become renowned for reducing cancer cell growth. For this one, it is advised that you should choose a quality product; one that is powdered or a supplement or loose leaf from China or Japan. The tea should be brewed for around 3 – 4 minutes. Ideally milk shouldn’t be added as this will lower the levels of beneficial properties.

Good old Omega-3. We often hear that name banded about. You can find high levels of Omega-3 in fish like sardines, salmon and tuna. The fatty acids have been associated with lower risk levels of developing prostate cancer.

Oh yes – another word sent to confuse you. I’m really testing the vocabulary today! It’s an antioxidant found in red wine and grapes. It’s already known for its anti-ageing qualities but also puts up a huge fight against those prostate cancer cells! I’m not sure the medical profession will encourage you to overindulge in red wine every night but you can buy pure resveratrol supplement which should keep everything nicely in check.

Vitamin D
Ahhh – sunshine! Never underestimate the power of a bit of sunlight. Men who have higher levels of Vitamin D have been shown to have a lower risk of prostate cancer. Your Vitamin D levels can be checked to see if they are within the healthy range. Just be careful to use sunscreen when required! Pack your bags boys!

It’s time that Men United together to fight Prostate Cancer in the way that women have united against Breast Cancer.
If you do decide to take any of the above as supplements, always consult a health professional regarding the correct dosage. And guys – please take your health seriously. If you have any worries at all, do go and visit your GP.

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Cancer, as a course of ailments typified by out-of-management mobile expansion is extremely widespread these days. It is one particular of the best killers about the entire world. In accordance to Planet Overall health Firm, different kinds of most cancers were dependable for six.72 million fatalities globally in the calendar year 2000. It accounted for seven.four million fatalities in 2004. Cancer, as we all know is the uncontrollable formation of irregular cells in the entire body.Working with cancer is very challenging. The modern treatment of most cancers like chemotherapy can be as frightening as the illness itself. Chemotherapy destroys cancerous cells, but the aspect outcomes that include nausea, reduction of appetite, and hair loss aspect consequences of chemotherapy are serious medical circumstances that also need to have prevention. Since of this, cancer individuals keep on searching for substitute varieties of dealing with these kinds of disease.One particular option drugs for dealing with cancer is capsaicin. Capsaicin is an active compound found in chili, chili pepper and cayenne pepper. It is an odorless, tasteless antioxidant. This ingredient offers chili its exclusive hotness. Due to the fact of this exceptional attribute, it is used as a flavoring agent to numerous cuisines all around the globe. In addition, it was also identified that it can be a good component in weight loss drugs, therapy of inflammatory ailments, sinusitis and nasal congestion aid and other people.The finest discovery regarding capsaicin is that it can heal cancer. A research revealed by American Affiliation for Cancer Analysis (2006) discovered that capsaicin inhibits the progress of Androgen-Impartial, p53 Mutant Prostate Cancer Cells. Another research conducted by researchers at Nottingham College in the United kingdom Nottingham College in the British isles led by Dr. Timothy Bates discovered that capsaicin is capable to assault tumor cells’ supply of energy and initiates mobile-suicide but depart the healthier cells in its good condition.The earlier mentioned research of Dr. Bates and colleagues uncovered that capsaicin attacked the tumor cells’ mitochondria and this qualified prospects to the manufacturing of ATP, the activated carrier which presents strength to organisms. According to Dr. Bates, nations around the world like Mexico and India whose people are accustomed to very spicy foodstuff finish have reduce variety of most cancers clients simply because of the healing function of Capsaicin located in chili, chili pepper and cayenne pepper.The research by Samuel Oschin Thorough Most cancers Institute collectively with The College of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) discovered that Capsaicin ruin a important volume of the produced most cancers cells and can hinder the improvement of the cancer contaminated tumors. They utilised mice in proving this. According to them, Capsaicin wrecked about eighty of the developed cancer cells increasing inside mice. After the therapy with Capsaicin, they realized that there is twenty considerably lessen of tumors in mice.It was verified by over researches that Capsaicin targets cancerous cells and does absolutely nothing with the healthier kinds. It is essential to bear in brain that while Capsaicin does display guarantee in treating cancer, consuming as well much of it can be hazardous. As a result, understanding that it is made up of several wellness benefits, it is usually safe to eat chili peppers from gentle to fiery.


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