It would be fair to say that for even the brightest and most determined pupils, there will be times when it is difficult to remain motivated at University. There are many distractions and challenges outside of the course while the pressure of studying can have an impact on how people feel about the course.

Many people will lose motivation at times at University

The important thing to remember is that if you are feeling low or disappointed about your University course, you are not alone. Many students have trying times but there are many ways in which you can stay motivated in your course. The following tips will hopefully show you how to stay motivated at Uni.

Find a study partner

Studying by yourself can be lonely, so if you can find a classmate you can study with, it will become easier to stay motivated. When you study with someone, it is easier to make plans, you can share the workload and you can learn a new perspective on the topic you are studying.
If you intend to go to the library yourself, it can be easy to do something else but if you have made plans to meet someone else to study, it is more likely that you will attend. Turning up is often half the battle when it comes to studying, and a study partner can make life easier.

Try something new

There is an old saying that “a change is as good as a rest” and doing something new, in your studies or away from your studies, can provide you with fresh impetus. There is an increasing number of ways to learn, including online and podcast options, and switching to one of these methods may help you to find new motivation for your studies.
When it comes to activities outside of your studies, going to the gym, exercising or finding a new hobby can provide you with fresh impetus, it can help you make new friends and generally enjoy life more.

Study at a different time

If you are struggling to study at a certain time, try studying at a different time. If you normally study late at night, switching to an early morning study routine may provide you with fresh impetus. There is no one ideal study time, so try different options to find what you feel most comfortable with.

Break your study plans into smaller sections or chunks

Rather than looking at the overall goal of a project, class or report; consider breaking it down into smaller sections. This helps you to stay motivated because you can achieve goals at a faster rate and feel as though you are making progress.

Create goals and then give yourself a reward for achieving the goal

One way to motivate yourself is to create goals and then give yourself a reward. This doesn’t have to be extravagant, a simple reward for reaching 1,000 words in a report, like watching two episodes of your favourite TV show, can help you feel more motivated when studying.

Try to find some perspective on your challenges

You’ll also find that finding some perspective on your studies, and the challenges you face, will be of benefit. Yes, studying can be trying but compared to the problems many people have in life, the difficulties faced by a student becomes much more manageable.
This isn’t to belittle the challenge faced by many students but in the grand scheme of things, there are harder and more difficult challenges in life.
The overall benefits of studying can dramatically change a person’s life, so it is important to focus on the bigger picture. There will be many hard moments but a student that can find a good balance in life and remain motivated will improve their chances of achieving success with their studies.

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