You may be wondering what all the hype is about Mrs Hinch. Or maybe you’re wondering who on earth she is?  Just in case you didn’t know, Mrs Hinch (otherwise known as Sophie Hinchcliffe) rose to fame over on Instagram due to her top tips and advice on cleaning!  With over 2 million followers, she has to be doing something right!

And she is doing something VERY right.  Her cleaning is absolutely remarkable.  Her numerous social media posts of her perfectly maintained home leave people, including me, literally drooling! (and any drooling in her house would see her right there next to you in a flash, clutching that dishcloth!).

We all know that a clean and hygienic house is a good thing.  Cleanliness cuts down on the risk of allergies.  Removing any bacteria caused by dirt helps protect against illnesses.

However, the great thing about following Mrs Hinch’s routines and ideas is not just the end result of a wonderfully clean house but is further enhanced by the benefits brought about by actually reaching that end result. 

The actual ‘doing’ the housework itself can have super-duper health benefits.

Mrs Hinch, along with many others, has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks during her life.  She has shared her story with her Instagram followers and explained that when she was starting to feel anxious, she learned that grabbing a mop or a duster, flicking some music on and embarking on a bit of cleaning and tidying did her the world of good!

She’s spot-on!  Taking your mind off things can really help.  Anxiety and stress can often take hold when you’re at home with time to dwell on situations that may be bothering you. Quite quickly you can spiral down into a negative thinking pattern. 

Music is already known for its great mood-enhancing benefits so a few tunes, along with the sense of satisfaction achieved after a successful bout of cleaning, is a pretty great combination!

Setting goals and achieving them, ticking off tasks on a to-do list … even the simplest of cleaning tasks can give super senses of achievement.  Wipe crumbs off the kitchen surfaces – tick!  Hoover the hallway – tick!  Change the bedding – tick!  And with a bit of hard work comes the added advantage of creating a home to die for in the process.  Two birds!  One stone! 

It’s great to have that mental sense of achievement but don’t underestimate the physical side too – that certainly deserves its own recognition.  Thirty minutes of housework can be as beneficial as an exercise class at the local gym! (minus the cost!). 

And you don’t have to feel pressurised to do too much either.  Little and often is a great anecdote.  In fact Mrs Hinch promotes quick freshen-ups as much as the big Spring cleans.  A ‘Freshen-Up Friday’ can be just what the doctor ordered.  As the name suggests, a quick blitz of the house on a Friday can leave you with a true feel-good feeling, will boost your mental health and will set you up in the right frame of mind for the weekend ahead.

It all sounds good to me!!  Now where’s my vera …?!


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