In most supermarkets these days you will see ‘free from’ ranges.  Free from gluten or free from dairy.  But what about ‘free from’ beauty products?  Free from chemicals?  Free from animal cruelty?

Recently, I’ve been switching some of the skincare products I use.  It’s so easy to pick up a product from the shelves without really thinking.  Where did it come from?  What process has it gone through to get to this store?  What is actually in the product? 

Where possible I have now opted to use natural, non-chemical products and of course I pick things that have not been tested on animals.  Why?  Because I care.

And I’m not just doing it because others are or because it’s the latest cool trend.  I’ve researched what’s what in the skincare industry and, once you’ve read this post, you’ll probably want to switch too.

Natural skincare products?  What’s the deal?

Non-natural and non-organic products can cause skin irritation.  Products containing chemicals will often result in red, dry and sore skin.  It’s actually pretty easy to find natural alternatives to skin products, whatever your skin concern.  And studies have proved the health benefits of natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender and so on.  What’s more, years ago we didn’t have access to all these highly complex chemical formulas.  People created their own natural remedies.  So what’s changed?  Why can’t we revert to how things were? 

There’s a bit of a saying … ‘if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin’.  Take a look at the ingredients on a product – if there are scary-sounding things in it, then it’s probably good to avoid.

Perhaps you may be put off by the price of organic products but surprisingly they can work out more economical than you may think. Because the quality of the content is usually much better than its chemical alternatives, it means that you can often get away with using a lot less.  This in turn means the product is going to last a lot longer, meaning it’s good for those purse strings in the long run!

And using natural products are so much kinder to the environment.  The manufacturing process is kinder.  The products are kinder.

It’s time to go cruelty-free …

I also hadn’t fully realised the extent of animal cruelty in the manufacturing of many products.  In fact, animals are regularly tortured and mutilated.  They usually end up dying extremely painful deaths.  Testing is carried out on rabbits, rats, cats and even dogs L

The mad thing is that there are approximately 7,000 ‘kind’ ingredients out there which have already proved safe and therefore don’t need to be tested.  I’m no mathematician but that is a LOT of different combinations to experiment with in a safe environment.  Surely 7,000 is enough?!

There are a lot of already-established, reputable brands out there so why not use them and boycott the others?  Making such a stand is the only thing that will make the difference to those practicing immorally.  If everyone stopped purchasing the bad stuff, these companies would have to change their ways.

Better products, kinder to the environment, cruelty free … it’s a no brainer!

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