Vaping And Its Health Risks

Vaping is a relatively new activity and incredibly the vape business is already worth over £1 billion in the UK. In the next two years, that’s set to reach a staggering £2 billion. It has proved immensely popular as the process of vaping is so similar to that of smoking a cigarette. Compared to those … Continue Reading

Veganism: Do Vegans Get A Raw Deal?

What is Veganism? Veganism relates to diets that limit or exclude meat, dairy products, and eggs. Identifying as vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based was often viewed as weird or extreme — more the domain of hippies and activists than of large numbers of everyday people, however, the rate of acceptance and popularity has risen in the … Continue Reading

Brexit: What are the potential impacts on the NHS?

This is my first post which mentions the B word … and what a subject Brexit is!  The topic has dominated discussions in the UK since the 48/52 vote split back in 2016. There has been much talk both pre and post the vote surrounding how the UK would be impacted by Brexit.  Now Brexit … Continue Reading

What Are Blood Types?

Firstly, Happy Halloween to you all!!!! With it being Halloween I thought I would write a post all about blood to make Dracula hungry! Blood types We all unique in our humanistic traits but when it comes to blood, there are many types. Eight to be exact! Our different blood types come from our immune … Continue Reading

Blood Pressure: Hypertension (High BP)

Your heart is making blood flow through your arteries and into your organs and muscles. Your blood pressure is the blood pressure in these arteries. It is recorded as two figures, the upper part is the systolic, and the lower is diastolic. High blood pressure, hypertension, is when there is too much pressure because the … Continue Reading