Digital Detox – DMU

DMU – taking a break from social media This month, De Montfort University in Leicester took a bold – but kind of cool – move.  Between 16th and 21st January, DMU made the decision to take a break from all of its usual social media channels.  Why?  To encourage its staff and students to follow … Continue Reading

Alcohol or Drug Abuse Can Impact On Students And Young Adults

Being a young adult is an interesting, exciting and challenging time of life. It is important that youngsters develop and socialise but there are many pressures and temptations in the life of a young adult. Therefore, it is important to be aware that alcohol or drug abuse can impact students and young adults. Common symptoms … Continue Reading

Sexual Health Matters For Students

Being a student is an exciting time with young people growing into adults and trying many new experiences. This is an important time with respect to education and learning, but this is also an important stage in developing relationships, interacting with others and taking care of your body and emotions. It is natural for many … Continue Reading

Sleeping Difficulties Impact On Your Life

There are many components involved with leading a healthy lifestyle, and a good night’s sleep is often overlooked. People know the importance of eating well and exercising regularly but the body needs time to refuel and recover, and this is where sleep is vital. If you suffer from sleeping difficulties, commonly referred to as insomnia, … Continue Reading

Avoiding Cold and Flu This Winter

Winter can be an exciting and pleasant time for people, but it poses many challenges. Your winter may be blighted by cold and flu, and this takes a lot of the fun out of the season. Therefore, you want to ensure you avoid cold and flu this winter, and we have plenty of tips for … Continue Reading