I, Daniel Blake

You may recognise the title of this post as the name of a well-known film.  I, Daniel Blake won a BAFTA two years ago for Outstanding British Film and has also secured other notable awards.  And it really does deserve its accolades. Firstly … spoiler alert!  I do talk about the film in-depth here so … Continue Reading

Eco is the way to go!

Like many people in the world today, I am proud to confess that I am truly passionate about the environment.  The world is currently home to over 7.5 billion people so why wouldn’t people want to look after their home and its surroundings? Unfortunately, so many factors are adversely affecting our planet today.  Pollution, global … Continue Reading


A couple of years ago, you may have seen a certain hashtag trending on social media. #MeToo I had spotted the phrase being used by all sorts of people; friends, colleagues, celebrities and strangers.  Did you know what it was all about?  If not, I’m about to reveal all. The movement originated from women who … Continue Reading


You may be wondering what all the hype is about Mrs Hinch. Or maybe you’re wondering who on earth she is?  Just in case you didn’t know, Mrs Hinch (otherwise known as Sophie Hinchcliffe) rose to fame over on Instagram due to her top tips and advice on cleaning!  With over 2 million followers, she … Continue Reading

‘Free From’ Skincare Products

In most supermarkets these days you will see ‘free from’ ranges.  Free from gluten or free from dairy.  But what about ‘free from’ beauty products?  Free from chemicals?  Free from animal cruelty? Recently, I’ve been switching some of the skincare products I use.  It’s so easy to pick up a product from the shelves without … Continue Reading