Most of us have seen, at one time or another in our lives, that someone who says “do I look too fat in this or does my makeup cover my imperfections”, whatever they or you ask yourself, we don’t see it. The reality is that it is the mark of severe mental dysfunction that affects the life of a large percentage of the population. A malfunction that is entirely correctable and completely avoidable.

Ask yourself “What is a positive image of the body?” You feel good about your appearance, and you feel healthy. Sometimes as we get older, changes occur, maybe not for the better. They can negatively affect our self-image, but it is essential to understand that this is a part of life and no matter how many anti-ageing creams we try, ageing is inevitable and not always a bad thing.

A positive image of the body is self-acceptance: be happy with the person you see in the mirror every morning. It does not mean that you see yourself as perfect. It says that you are satisfied with yourself. Self-acceptance means that even if you want to make reasonable changes in self-improvement over time, at the moment everything is fine for your appearance and you’re rocking it!

Consequences on body image
Not liking who you are, and your appearance can have harmful effects both mentally and physically. Common mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders can be a result of reduced self-esteem. It may even be that people see suicide as the only way out. As your mental state deteriorates, your physical condition also changes. You stop exercising, and you eat well. You gain weight, which can cause medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure… just to name a few.

The benefits of having a healthy body image
By accepting it now, you can accept the changes that occur over time as part of the natural ageing process. Yes, of course, you will do what you can to reduce speed, such as exercise, healthy eating and a great skincare routine. But do not let them affect your positive outlook on life or yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you will maintain your social interaction with your friends and family. You will not isolate yourself as many older people do, who have a bad image of themselves. Several studies have shown that connecting with other people increases longevity.

Of course, you could have more wrinkles than in the past. And yes, some parts of your body are not as firm as they used to be. But who cares? You are the unchanged person you have always been. In fact, in many ways, you are probably a better person than many years ago. You have experience. These are your golden years. Enjoy as much time as possible.

In the end, the decision is yours. You can be confident with yourself, both inside and out, and enjoy your future. Or you can be unhappy and fear every day when the sun rises. Why would you choose this? Choose the first one and enjoy your life to the full!
Your mind can be your most significant obstacle to improve your body image.

Physical activity has the power to inspire you with what your body can do and will encourage you to treat it and reflect on it with respect. For example, if you feel strong enough to get up, sit or squat, you will also feel strong enough to refuse a slice of pizza or cheesecake. Once your activity level, diet and mental state are synchronized, and you achieve the same goal, you will discover that you have the energy, strength and mental discipline to do what you decide.

You deserve to have a healthy body image that allows you to stay a little more upright, eat a little more with compassion and think more gently about yourself. Becoming active will make you feel healthy inside and out. Remember, small wins add up to huge gains so take action – no matter how small- towards improving your body image today.

How to improve your body image: factors and steps to follow
Some of the elements and measures that can help you improve your image and increase your self-esteem are detailed. Note that only women can benefit from these tips, because not only do women feel insecure about their appearance.

1) Think and believe that no one is perfect.
Businesses and marketers will try to push their products on your face and in the process, instilling their concept of what is in their “perfect” look. They show male and female models’ bodies on TV, magazines and let us not forget Instagram, knowing that they will succeed in making people feel that something is missing in their lives. However, you must also think that no one can be perfect. These models can have beautiful bodies, but are they healthy enough? Happy enough? You must find what you do better than others and must believe that having a body model is not only what it takes to be a remarkable person.

2) Do you speak
If you really want to know how to improve your body image, you may have to pat yourself on the back. It may sound crazy, but talking to yourself in the mirror can help you gain confidence in yourself. Look in the mirror, naked. Find parts of your body that can be proud and talk about how strong it is.

3) Do the things you love
Improve your body image, allowing you to do what you like. In this way, you can prove your worth and can even help others in the process. Your vision and your personality do not only concern the physical. By showing what you get and what you can offer, people will look at you differently and deeply.

4) Exercise to feel better in general.
Although it is not necessary to look for a body like top models, exercise can make you feel healthier and fit in more ways than one. You do not have to exercise just to get an abdominal or 24-inch waist. It can be enough only to lose weight and fat and not be overweight and unhealthy. Meaning you can be more confident in buying clothes you may have struggled to find the sizing for beforehand.
Exercising and working toward a goal that reflects a healthy body image is something that should be put in place if you have a problem with how your body looks. Many times, particular issues pose the most challenges. Make sure your goal is to focus on reducing or toning certain areas and doing it in one area at a time.

Improving your body image may not be as easy as 1,2,3, especially if you have lived a life under pressure and without confidence in yourself. Fortunately, there are practical and proven ways to improve your body image, which can help you achieve your goals. When you want to know how to improve your body image, you need the right advice, dedication and the results are not far away.
Help is available for all struggling with anxiety, depression and eating disorders. Remember that people can and should recover from depression and continue to lead their best possible life. Ask for help and remember you’re beautiful!

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