All about me!

It can sometimes be pretentious to talk about yourself but here I have a great excuse because this is the ‘About Me’ section!!

So firstly, I’m Sarah and I’m 24. I’m a student studying Health and Wellbeing at De Montfort University.
I live in a little cottage with my best friend, Darcy – my gorgeous cat!
As for interests, I love gardening and home décor. Plus I love to fit a bit of exercise into my already-busy life too!

Why do I have a blog?

Well … I’ve done some hard and quick learning over the last year. It has made me realise not only what I’ve been through, but what others may also be going through. Then I figured that if I have useful coping techniques and thoughts to share with others that may benefit them, then why not do just that? So this blog is here for that very reason. To share.
I aim to focus on well-being, personal development and health (mental and physical) which are topics that affect everyone.
Real-life experiences can help to provide real-life support so if I manage to help just one person, then I feel I will have achieved what I set out to do. And if we have some laughs and smiles along the way, that’s even better!
I am an open and honest person so I want to share what I’ve been through in the past but also what I’m going through now and what I may go through in the future.
So, in short, I welcome anyone to my blog!!
I’ll cover good and bad! No secrets! What other forum offers you that?!

What’s coming up?

I would love to tell you what’s coming next but I’m not even sure myself! We never know what kind of twists and turns life is going to take but if I have something of note to write about, I’ll write about it!
If you’d like to join me on this journey – wherever I’m going – then I’d love to have you on board!!
You can subscribe to my blog in one quick easy step so that you don’t miss any of my future posts.

about me

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