Trust. How can one little word mean so much?

Even though you can’t see it, you know it’s there. Or it should be. It is not something that we tend to think about every minute of the day but it is an essential ingredient in the complexity of life.

From a very early age, trust is present in our lives. From birth, babies have no choice but to put trust in their parents or guardians in order to provide them with the essential food, shelter and safety that they need to thrive. There are many other influential characters in our lives as well as parents whilst growing up. We put trust in all of these people. Teachers: who educate us for many years of our lives. We trust them with our minds – to teach us what we need to learn to become the best that we can be. Friends: we trust our friends to provide a reciprocal friendship to us. We may entrust our deepest secrets and our innermost thoughts to them. Public services: we put trust in our doctors, nurses and carers to keep us healthy and our emergency services staff to keep us safe and secure.

Plus usually at some point in our lives we start to put trust in partners that we meet and have relationships with. We trust partners to treat our emotions and hearts with respect.

Trust is vital in our lives. It matters. A lot. But despite its importance, trust can be shaken, wobbled and swayed.

As conflicting as it sounds, we can start to mistrust trust! Start to disbelieve in it, doubt it or be unduly wary.

We dream. We envision what we could be one day. We imagine what the future could hold in store for us. Yet a blip with our trust can cause is to worry, be avoidant and resistant. We may start living in the past and just watch the future pass us by.

As much as we can trust in friends, family and other professionals, we need to learn to put trust in the universe itself; in the fact that things will work out for the best, that our lives have been gifted to us with which to do the best we can. We all need to trust that things happen for a reason and trust in what has happened, what is happening and what will happen in the future. And as much as it can be a scary thought, I really do like to think that everything does happen for a particular purpose. If you think carefully about it – where you are now in your life … you have only reached this point through good and bad things happening. The bad has taken you to where you are now just as much as the good stuff has. If you can concentrate on this thought, then you will learn to trust more deeply in the universe which in turn will send you on a better journey. You will bloom. You will be happy. You will trust in trust!

Que sera sera …

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