Anxiety: Intolerance of Uncertainty…

When talking about anxiety, it is essential to understand that anxiety can come in many forms that can result in depression symptoms, panic attacks, OCD, … Continue Reading

The Snowflake Generation

Are you familiar with the term ‘snowflake’?.  One meaning is a ‘flake of snow; especially a feathery ice crystal’.  However, the newer definition perhaps more familiar to people in this day and age is a ‘political insult for someone who is perceived as too sensitive’.  Snowflakes are deemed as self-centred individuals who have the belief … Continue Reading

January breakups: Dealing with the early stages of a breakup or a divorce

There are plenty of research studies that show a boom in relationship breakups in January. If you are married, then there is a one in five chance that you have considered breaking up this month.  For a lot of people, they have planned to break up with their partner before January however haven’t because they … Continue Reading

I, Daniel Blake

You may recognise the title of this post as the name of a well-known film.  I, Daniel Blake won a BAFTA two years ago for Outstanding British Film and has also secured other notable awards.  And it really does deserve its accolades. Firstly … spoiler alert!  I do talk about the film in-depth here so … Continue Reading

Learning a language and its benefits

You can never understand one language until you understand at least two. – Geoffrey Willans Did you learn a language at school? I did! I think most people in their lifetime may have had a shot at French, German or Spanish as part of their school curriculum. Maybe you studied a language to GCSE or … Continue Reading

Eco is the way to go!

Like many people in the world today, I am proud to confess that I am truly passionate about the environment.  The world is currently home to over 7.5 billion people so why wouldn’t people want to look after their home and its surroundings? Unfortunately, so many factors are adversely affecting our planet today.  Pollution, global … Continue Reading